Summer is over

Jack went from crawling around to walking around and is curious about anything and everything.  Looking forward to Fall.  

Full belly - TKO.
Kelly had the idea to burn the area for the garden and it turned out to be a great idea.  I became a bit worried when she kept walking around burning things again and again. And again. 
Jack pinching Mom.

Jack getting a quick dose of cartoons.
Color choices for the basement.
Basement remodel was put on hold once spring arrived. Will finish in the fall/winter. 
Kelly snapped this and shared it with me. Of course I had to share.
Duck Duck Fence.
I quartered these and Kelly and I planted them all by hand.  Sad to say the weeds won again in the end.  I will dig through there to see if anything is salvageable but I doubt it. 
All Nike'd up!
(the door closer finally broke and was replaced but I just noticed how bad it was - horribly crooked!)

Photography by Mom
Ah the problematic FORD LGT 165 connecting rod thrower. I have put two new rods in so far and each failed within minutes of restarting it.  1 rod may have been the incorrect rod - 1 rod may have not been lubricated properly. I think I have the correct rods identified and I ordered assembly grease/oil to hopefully make the third time the charm. 
Momma hen checking her eggs

Rick the Painter in action - highly recommended!

I'm serious. Let me out!

Our new to us farmhand. 1968 CASE 480 Construction King
CASE still charges ~$300 for the service manual and believe it or not I could not find a (free) copy online anywhere.

Had to tow the blocks behind the pickup to move them and our awesome neighbor Bob came down with his skid steer to move them in to place. 
Jack is 1.